Ice-olation: perspective(s)

Since ‘stay-at-home’ has been established, I’ve reflected on its relation to deep field work in Antarctica – mainly because my current feelings feel strangely familiar… Many recent news stories provide isolation ‘guides or how-tos’ from an Antarctic perspective. While useful for some, I do not have the authority or experience level to properly advise othersContinue reading “Ice-olation: perspective(s)”

A fine day along the Byrd Glacier…

With a break in the weather, we made a dash for another site within the Lonewolf Nunataks along the upper Byrd Glacier. These impressive perched nunataks are situated in the middle of a fast-flowing portion upper Byrd Glacier…similar to a large boulder in a middle of a river. This massive glacier drains an area overContinue reading “A fine day along the Byrd Glacier…”