I’m starting this little blog to share our upcoming field work with you. I’ll make an attempt at describing why I’m researching in Antarctica, what it takes to get there and be productive and a little bit on everyday life at the base and in the field. The posts are primarily for family, friends and education outreach purposes. Follow along and ask lots of questions!

In short, I’m a geologist. My team uses detailed chemical information locked up in rocks to tell us about how the Antarctic Ice Sheet has changed over time. The opportunity to study in Antarctica is extremely special, so I’ve decided to share more of it with you.

Why do this?

  • Antarctica is the water tower of the world. It stores fresh water up on land and when it melts, it has the potential to impact sea level on a global scale. And by studying it’s past, we expect to be a bit more informed on it’s future.
  • Antarctica is difficult to get to and national governments provide funding and logistics to ensure the critical science gets completed. Given this massive support, I feel it’s necessary to provide one perspective on how the whole thing happens…

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